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9 Ways to Deal with Dry Skin

9 Ways to Deal with Dry Skin

I don't know about you, but cold air dries out my skin. I look forward to the summer, where there is a little more moisture. I have found a few ways to combat this dry air that seems to attack our skin.

Here are my must do's to help you have supple skin, even through dry weather.

Tip #1 - When you are in the shower, if using warm or hot water, at the very end, take a final rinse with cool to cold water. If you can handle cold water, I applaud you. Using hot water will dry you out, so avoiding hot water will do wonders. I took hot showers since I was kid, the hotter the better, but I learned this helpful tip, and now use warm water and finish with cool water. Your hair will thank you too! Rinsing with cool to cold water will seal up your hair cuticles, help with dryness, and add shine.

Tip #2 - After taking a shower, apply your moisturizer or lotion three minutes after drying off. I know it is a short window, but your skin is still open and moist from your shower, and your moisturizer will soak in better. I always enjoy Xi-ana's Dewy Butter Bar, but if you prefer another lotion, that will work too.

Tip #3 - I know I am talking a lot about bathing, but it really does set up a good foundation for your skincare. Finding the right soap helps sooooooooooo much. If you are like me and are sensitive to every product out there, try a natural soap. I like shower gel, so I get a wash that is made with only natural products, without dye and artificial fragrances. It has does wonders!

Tip #4 - Using the right application for your shower gel is important. If you get a scratchy plastic, that is going to hurt you. I have seen ones with glitter in them. Please avoid those! Those scare me, as they will cut your skin with the glitter. There are natural sponges out there that I love, but those can be a bit pricey. Finding an alternative, like a loofah that is made for sensitive skin can work as well, even if it is plastic.

Tip #5 - Washing detergent for your clothes is another big one. Sometimes, just switching your detergent, could be a game changer. There are some detergents out there that can cause irritations to the skin. Everyone is different, what may affect someone, may not affect another. I know they're some natural detergents out there too.

Tip #6 - How you eat makes a difference. Foods that have fat and sugar are more likely going to damage your skin. Hydrating fruit and vegetables make a difference. You not only get water, but their nutrients as well. 

Tip #7- I know you were waiting for this appear, the dreaded phrase so many people hate; Drink Water. Yes, I hate it too. During the winter, I feel like I have to plead with me daily just to drink water. I have found a few ways to help with that. I bought a sparkling water machine, and it has really helped. I also drink tea without sugar or milk. If I want sweet tea, I add a little stevia.

Tip #8 - Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Yes, it is so important to reapply throughout the day. I have lotion everywhere. I put lotion in my room, one in my kitchen, my purse, my gym bag, and my car. Right now as I am typing, I have my lotion by me. Especially after washing your hands, it is a great time to put lotion on.

These are the eight tips that have made my life so much better. I like having pretty skin that does not hurt or is flaky. If only I could find a way to put lotion on my back. Now, that would be amazing.

If you try these tips, feel free to reach out to our social media handles and let me know what you tried and how they worked out.

As always, I love moisturized skin. Check out our products under moisturizers. These are probably my favorite products to use. Oh! One more bonus tip:

Tip #9 - If you give yourself pedicures, add a bath bomb and one White Chocolate & Pink Salt Truffle. Trust me, you will thank me. 

Enjoy your weekend! I look forward to what Spring brings us. I hope the daffodils come soon.

See you next time!

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