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How Xi-ana's Bliss Got Started

How Xi-ana's Bliss Got Started

Hello Boutique Beauties! So glad to be writing this blog for the very first time. I have been wanting to write for years now, but something always seemed to get in the way. Sound familiar?

My name is Julianne and I am the business owner of Xi-ana's Bliss Ltd Co. It has been such a journey to get where I am now in the business world. I was a community support worker in my last career. I loved the job, but unfortunately I lost my job during Covid. A hard time for the world as a whole and each one individually.

It was a scary time, but it also forced me to rethink my plans for the present and future. I was on the path to becoming a social worker and everything was in motion. At the time, my friend told me she needed a face scrub for a good exfoliation but that didn't hurt her rosacea. She had been looking for months with no results. 

I had years of experience making skin products for myself and I was not going into the office every morning, so I decided to do research and see what worked best. While making the scrub, I was reminded of my passion for skincare and how I love creating products.

I had been in case management for a few years by now. The first job I had in it, there was some down time. During one day, I thought maybe I could open up a bath and body shop. However, I was just starting my career and I had other goals in mind.

I was creating a face scrub, out of a job, and so excited when I saw her reaction and positive results. I still remember, that night me and my boyfriend were on our evening walk and I told him of the plans I was thinking to embark on.

So this is how this business was thought of years ago, how it was reimagined, and how I was able to start it.

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