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Chocolate, Coffee, and Almonds...Oh my!

Chocolate, Coffee, and Almonds...Oh my!

MMMMM, I love coffee and chocolate! This morning I made me a mocha to start the day. In my opinion, you can never go wrong with chocolate. Am I right? Delicious!

One day, I was thinking of making a moisturizing exfoliater. Something you should know, I make products that I know I would love to use, scents that I would want, and ingredients that I would not feel guilty about using on my body. I like to have happiness included in my products. I want the experience of self love, nourishment, and luxury included in each product purchased from Xi-ana's Bliss.

So back to thinking of this moisturizing exfoliant. I love non traditional ways of pampering and beauty care.  So I thought instead of a liquid moisturizer, what about a solid. For the exfoliants, I wanted multiple coarse ingredients. One coarser and one that is gentle. 

I use coffee beans and have them specially grounded to be the perfect coarseness to get those stubborn dry areas and cellulite. I then get almonds and have them grounded to a gentle exfoliant that is perfect to polish. 

What leaves your skin so soft though? It is the blend of two plant based butters- shea and cocoa. The blend gives you twice the benefits! These leave you youthful, supple, and moisturized.

The best part is there are no fragrances- natural or artificial. Yet, they smell like a mocha brownie. It's pure bliss from start to beginning. They are so beautiful to look at too. Those layers are amazing! I use a special process to make sure those gorgeous layers happen. 

They are one of our best sellers. Give them a try, you won't be disappointed!

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