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New Halloween Collection Release

New Halloween Collection Release

Hello Boutique Beauties! What a beautiful day. I just went on a walk and the air was the perfect temperature. With the seasons changing, it reminds us the holiday season is around the corner.

Halloween is coming up so quick. What is your favorite part? Candy? Pumpkins? Costumes? There is so much to enjoy during this time of year. I love pumpkin anything. Just this week, I made my pumpkin spice latte mix. I add it to my coffee; the perfect way to start the day!

Let me tell you about our new products for our halloween collection. Xi-ana's Bliss has new bath bombs!!! I write that as i'm singing it, because bath bombs are the best! We have two new pumpkin sets. They are the Golden Milk and Pumpkin Ghouls Bath Bombs. 

I am so excited about this new release. Have you ever had a golden milk latte? They are so good. Well, both these bath bombs are inspired by this wonderful latte. They have superfood turmeric, skin beautifying milk, renewing minerals, and one of my favorite citrus essential oil blends. They are super cute and a little scary. You have to try these new products, I can't get enough of them. These are my favorite new products.

We also released our Candy Corn Bath Soak. This halloween edition is so good. It has our golden milk bath bomb incorporated in it. Below there is epsom salt and moisturizing coconut oil. On top there is a blend of coconut oil, renewing minerals, and an extra dose of milk. The perfect anti aging mix. There is nothing artificial in any of our products. This halloween collection does not disappoint.

I hope you love our new products as much as we do. These products were inspired from my childhood, when I would be so excited to carve pumpkins and see what candy I was going to get that year. 

Have a happy and safe halloween!

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