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Self Care and Self Love Tips

Self Care and Self Love Tips

I'm sure you have heard of self care and self love. It sounds romantic, right? However, between waking up, rushing to get ready, working an eight hour day, coming home or going out to get dinner, getting ready for the next day, to jump into bed so you can maybe squeeze in six hours of sleep, it just sounds like there is no time to do it. Does that sound familiar?

I get it, I am busy all the time. It takes planning to do self care. There are times, I feel so stressed and I have to stop and think, have I done self care lately. 100% of the time, when I feel overwhelmed, I have not done self care.

I used to be in the social work field. I would talk with patients and help them with their necessities. I would have several patients tell me traumatic stories that they were going through daily. For those not in the health or social work field, let me tell you, it takes a toll on you. I remember one day, I was in a training and I was so overwhelmed that I actually cried while talking about a certain topic. I am not the kind of person who cries at work, so I was embarrassed and confused why I did this.

I went to our instructor after class to thank her for the training. She had been in the field for many years and was very knowledgable. I apologized for causing a disruption in the training and told her, I think i'm just stressed. She asked me, "What do you do for self care?" I rambled off some things, but then said, it's hard to find time in the day, I think it's been about a month or two since I was able to do it." She looked at me and said, "I think that's where you should start, you can't take care of clients if you don't take care of yourself."

Even though, I am no longer in that field, I still live by those words every day. We can not be good at what we do, if we don't invest in ourselves. Self care does not have to be a weekend getaway or a day activity. It's awesome when you can do that, but self care can be done in five minutes. It could be making yourself some tea and reflecting, taking a walk during your lunch break, putting on that favorite dress that makes you feel confident all day long. What works for you may not work for others.

I really enjoy skincare, so doing my skincare routine helps, putting on masks, going for evening walks, making me tea, going for a picnic, trying something new, and sitting while reflecting and making future plans are my go to's. I have self care activities that I do daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.

Self care can cost you nothing or could be thousands of dollars. It really is up to what you want to do and what works for you. Self care is self love. When you take care of yourself, you show yourself that you love and respect you. You are ready for what the day brings you, and it is so much easier to be happier day to day, even when it gets stressful.

That's why I started Xi-ana's Bliss, to create time for self care and to help women fall in love with themselves. When we feel like the best versions of ourselves, that is when change happens. Whether you use products from my shop or do something else, remember self care is so important and you deserve to show yourself some self love!

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